About Us

When it comes to creating custom software, FOUNDRY rewrites the odds. FOUNDRY is a boutique software engineering firm, consisting of thought-leaders in the software industry. Our engineers establish roadmaps, architect solutions, craft applications, evaluate design patterns, iterate quickly, and are fluent in all aspects of the software development stack.

When huge forces are at play, major money is at stake, projects are overrun, impending deadlines are looming, or in-house development teams aren't producing, we help clients cut through their challenges, triage the problem, and win what matters most.

We are focused on driving business results for our clients. We achieve the impossible, and resolve the complex challenges before they ever hit the front-page. Whether you're working on a Software-as-a-Service application, or constructing a completely custom platform - there is nothing that we cannot solve, and we're here to redefine what's possible.

Our Mission

We live, breathe, and love software development. Our developers tackle big challenges around the clock. We've worked in omni-channel commerce, government, retail, real estate, agency, banking and healthcare industries.

We speak Java (J2EE), JRuby, Scala, CQL, NoSQL, Groovy, JavaScript, HTML5, and a multitude of other languages (even ColdFusion). We've mastered Spring, Rails, Grails, Cassandra, MongoDB, and JQuery.

Whether you're working on an existing project, or you're starting something brand new - our expertise will help you save time, reduce costs, and deliver your application.

Connect with us when you're ready to look like a hero at your organization.

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